Physician Scientist Training Program

Leaders in Biomedical Research Training at the University of Minnesota

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The University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus is home to nationally ranked programs in the life and health sciences, offering dynamic programs in basic sciences, clinical sciences, biomedical engineering, public health, and health care policy that attract a diverse group of top students from around the world.

The program is individualized to match personal career plans, including opportunities to obtain an advanced degree (MPH, MS, or PhD) in on of the University's outstanding graduate programs in the Medical School, College of Biological Sciences, College of Science and Engineering, or School of Public Health. The University's collaborative approach to research, exemplified by the interdisciplinary BioDiscovery District, provides a broad variety of opportunities in advanced labs.

Training grant-associated career development programs are available through some fellowships.

For applicants committed to rigorous research training in clinical and basic investigation, the Physician-Scientist Training Program (PSTP) offers a continuous training experience, from internship through fellowship.

The program meets all American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Research Pathway requirements.