Subspecialty Fellowship + Post Doc or + Post Masters for MPH/MCS

Subspecialty Fellowship

Subspecialty Fellowship + Post Doc for MD/PhD applicants + Post Masters for MPH/MCS

Acceptance to program: November through January | Finalize on Match Day


  • Oct – Jan prior to Year 1; Applicants have a 2 day visit
  • Joint recruiting with the Department of Medicine Residency Director, Fellowship Director and the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS)
  • The 2 day visit will be split proportionately between the Medicine Residency, Fellowship Program and the DGS
  • During the Residency portion, the PSTP applicants will have a chance to visit with a member of the PSTP Steering Committee, who will provide an overview of research opportunities at the U

Internal Medicine (2 years)

PSTP Year 1: Start Internal Medicine Internship (July)

  • Meet with PSTP Program Director, T32 PI, Division Director, and DGS (PSTP committee)
  • Develop a career development plan outline
  • Meet with Residency Director to discuss career development plan

PSTP Year 2: Internal Medicine Residency

  • Meet with PSTP committee every 6 months
  • Finalize laboratory for post-degree studies

Fellowship (4-5 years; 3 years research time)

PSTP Year 3: Clinical training PSTP years 4 to 7: (1/2 day per week continuity clinic, 2 months clinical time for trainees needing more than 1 year of clinical training (e.g. CARDS, GI, PCC)

Year 4:

  • Start in lab
  • Form K advisory committee
  • Write K

Year 5:

  • Revise K (if needed)
  • Continue research
  • Meet with advisory committee every 6 months

Year 6:

  • Complete research for most specialties, seek faculty position

Year 7:

  • Complete research and clinical training for cardiology or other clinically intensive subspecialties, seek faculty position