Center for Autoimmune Diseases Research (CADRe)

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Discoveries arising out of animal studies and large gene dataset analyses, and accompanied by promising new clinical diagnostic techniques, now underscore the feasibility and utility of personalized identification and selective modulation of only those immune system elements that cause and perpetuate autoimmune disease. New investment in human-oriented research infrastructure at this institution is necessary to accelerate the translation of this new immune system knowledge and novel technologies into curative therapies for individuals with autoimmune disease. The creation of a Center for Autoimmune Diseases Research can facilitate these goals.

The Center for Autoimmune Diseases Research was formed in order to address the growing need to take autoimmune diseases research from the level of excellence that has already been achieved in current animal-based research endeavors, and translate that same success into human-oriented research.

Our vision is a world without rheumatic and autoimmune diseases.

Our mission is to accelerate the pace of human-oriented autoimmune diseases research.

Our goal is to conduct research that will lead to the cure of autoimmune diseases through support for patient sample and clinical data collection, and the application of advanced analytic and immune-modulating technologies.

To achieve these goals, CADRe will:

Offer pilot grants to bring collaborative researchers together—Now that we have launched CADRe, our goal is to begin funding pilot grants for specific types of projects as a way to bring people together for this uniquely collaborative work. Please see our Pilot Grant page for more information on application cycles and to download an application form.

Build a robust repository of patient samples—One of CADRe’s initial projects is to collect, manage, and store patient samples, thus providing the opportunity to retrieve samples future analyses as the technology evolves. This investment makes future research less expensive and more convenient, expanding our ability to further our work toward conquering autoimmune diseases.

Create a powerful database to enable deep discovery—We are eager to create a new database to store, retrieve, and manage all of our collected information powerfully and efficiently. With the right technology making this robust information easily available and accessible, our own researchers—and those from around the world—can study the data to move the field forward.

Add key investigators to our team—The fastest way to provide better treatment options and cures for autoimmune diseases is by adding strong researchers at every level, allowing us to move beyond the basic science of immunology and expand our collaborative work in human disease. Please email Susan Prause at if you are interested in joining our group.


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