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Published in The New England Journal of Medicine

Dr. David R. Boulware, MD, MPH. et al.

Cryptococcal meningitis accounts for 20 to 25% of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome–related deaths in Africa. Antiretroviral therapy (ART) is essential for survival; however, the question of when ART should be initiated after diagnosis of cryptococcal meningitis remains unanswered.

Tina Slusher, M.D., et al.

Sequelae of severe neonatal hyperbilirubinemia constitute a substantial disease burden in areas where effective conventional phototherapy is unavailable. We previously found that the use of filtered sunlight for the purpose of phototherapy is a safe and efficacious method for reducing total bilirubin. However, its relative safety and efficacy as compared with conventional phototherapy are unknown.

Next Travel & Tropical Medicine Seminar

Advanced Gorgas Course 2018: Lessons from Peru

Dr. Meghan Shaughnessy (HCMC)

Part 1: Overview of Gorgas Course and Tropical Medicine in Peru
Part 2: Clinical Cases from Gorgas Course 2018

Resident Update: Case from Thailand

Vignesh Palanaippan

March 20, 6-8 PM 

We will be on the St. Paul Campus in the Ben Pomeroy Student-Alumni Building, Room 215.

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This session will be live streamed and recorded. A link will be added the week of the event.