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The BRIIDGE program - Bridge to Residency for Immigrant International Doctor Graduates through clinical Experience - is a 9-month program that aims to help international medical graduates develop the skills necessary to become successful residents in the United States medical system.

To learn more and begin the application process, visit the Minnesota Department of Health website.

Current participants can find the program manual here

Current participants, faculty, and staff (2018)

Participants, faculty, and staff of BRIIDGE program, 2018 - smiling group of 10 people

L to R: top: Emily Langerak, Jaya Durvasula, MD, Hope Pogemiller, MD, Mike Westerhaus, MD, Bukhari Burale, MD, Chris Miller
bottom: Ahmed Al-Anii, MD, Mahmoud Alatbee, MD, Salahudin Maalim, MD, Pat Walker, MD

Trio of doctors standing together, smiling

L to R: Steve Richmond, MD (resident), Bukhari Burale, MD (BRIIDGE trainee), Mandip KC, MD (Internal Medicine Attending)