Tufundishane Collaborative

Fostering Intentional Partnerships in Medical Education

The Tufundishane Collaborative is based on our shared value of learning together with and from our international colleagues.

Health care providers who regularly practice in under-resourced settings have much to teach our U.S.-based global medicine residents. And our U.S. residents can give back by sharing their knowledge of current topics in therapies, physiology and pharmacology.

The Collaborative aims to:

  • Facilitate a collaborative, reciprocal teaching and learning opportunity for U of M residents and physician trainees (called assistant medical officers) in Arusha, Tanzania
  • Fund a continuous faculty presence at Selian Lutheran Hospital who will act as a preceptor to visiting U of M residents

A Philosophy Of Shared Discovery

The Tufundishane model aims to avoid the dependence that may occur when third parties provide a service and exist without leaving behind sustainable lessons and skills. Our primary focus is to help build generations of medical professional through systemic and smaller-scale training and intellectual capacity building, who build their own self-sustaining medical systems through medical education. 

Why Arusha?

Arusha, Tanzania, has an established medical facility, skilled staff, a history of partnership with the U of M, and a cohort of Tanzanian trainees who benefit from the partnership. As we strengthen the program, we plan to bring this model to other locations throughout the world.

Why the U of M?

The University of Minnesota is a leader in global medical education. After years of training students, residents, and physicians, we realized that a wealth of expertise and passion for global health was largely untapped: most of the physicians trained in global health had nowhere to share their knowledge. Thus, the genesis of the Tunfundishane Collaborative.

Donate to the Fund

The Tufundishane Fund accepts contributions to help support the current University of Minnesota faculty presence at Selian Lutheran Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania.