Faculty Mentorship Program

We believe that a strong and vibrant mentorship program is an essential driver for faculty success.

Our goal is that all faculty members will have the mentorship they need to successfully pursue their intellectual passions, advance in their academic medicine careers, and become future leaders at the University of Minnesota.

Our Mentorship Program for Assistant Professors has two core components:

  1. Ongoing engagement with a Primary Academic Mentor and Clinical Mentor (for faculty with patient care responsibilities).
    • These mentors are assigned in a faculty member's offer letter but can be changed at any time as a mentee's professional interests and work roles evolve.
    • Usually, these mentors are from the same division as the mentee. Their primary roles are to support the assistant professor's ongoing career development (in clinical care, education, research and scholarship, and service) in accordance with the mentee's work roles and faculty track.
    • Assistant professors meet regularly with their Primary Academic Mentor and Clinical Mentor. Typically, this is arranged by the mentee and mentor.
  2. Annual meeting with member(s) of a Mentoring Committee.
    • At least once annually, Assistant Professors also meet with one or more members of a Mentoring Committee, convened by either the Department or Division.
    • Mentoring Committees give Assistant Professors the opportunity to discuss their work (accomplishments, challenges) with a broader range of faculty, often from different divisions and areas of expertise. Before the meeting, mentees are encouraged to identify priority topics for discussion. They also provide an updated CV and complete an online Individual Development Plan.
    • Primary mentors participate in Mentoring Committee meetings along with their mentees. This ensures that the discussion benefits from their nuanced understanding of their mentees' goals and needs.