Medicine Pediatric Residency Program Curriculum

Our Curriculum Stresses Balance 

The 4 year Med-Peds curriculum at the University of Minnesota is designed to prepare residents for practice in the setting of their choice; be it the clinic, hospital, abroad, in the community or in academia. A developmental approach to assessment is supported by a semi-annual performance review process with the following goals:

  • Clearly set expectations
  • Clearly reinforce the values of our profession
  • Promote habits of competence
  • Measure progress and provide honest objective feedback on current and cumulative performance
  • Promote an individual learning plan
  • Identify and act upon red flags

Internship spans 12 months with learning experiences lasting 4 weeks at a time. This allows for 13 total rotations per year. Every resident has 6 rotations in Internal Medicine (IM) and 6 in Pediatrics every year. The remaining rotation alternates between Pediatrics and IM year to year, such that every resident spends 26 blocks in each IM and Pediatrics over the course of their training. After the internship is completed, residents assume supervisory responsibility.

Download our curriculum overview for details and more specific information.