Continuity Clinics for Medicine Pediatric Residents

Continuity Clinic Experience

One of the central tenets of our approach to continuity clinic is that it should be valued as much as inpatient and consult rotations. As such, we’ve designed a continuity clinic model that maximizes time and continuity in clinic and minimizes transitions between inpatient and clinic. In addition, we’ve included team-based care and longitudinal clinic-based quality improvement experiences.
  • Residents attend a full day of clinic each week while on outpatient and consult rotations. This allows for more opportunities for continuity, recognizes the fact that patients seen in the morning are often different than those seen in the afternoon, and allows for dedicated teaching time over the lunch hour.
  • Residents have their own schedule whenever they are working in their continuity clinic.
  • Residents do not attend clinic while on inpatient rotations. This alleviates the stress of moving between inpatient and clinic-based responsibilities and improves teamwork and efficiency on the inpatient services. 
  • Residents are split into clinic and day specific teams. At any given time, ½ of the team will be on an inpatient service, and ½ of the team will be on an outpatient service. The team on the outpatient service provides coverage and follow-up on patient issues for the inpatient team. Hand-off allows for the smooth flow of patient care across rotations.

Community-University Health Care Center (CUHCC)

Community-University Health Care Center
CUHCC is a University of Minnesota affiliated community clinic serving a large diverse inner-city population.

Fairview-Eagan Clinic

Fairview-Eagan Clinic
Fairview-Eagan is a state-of-the-art primary care clinic providing innovative, high-quality care to a diverse suburban population.

HealthPartners-Midway Clinic

HealthPartners-Midway Clinic
The Midway clinic serves an inner-city population in St. Paul and benefits from the resources brought to bear by HealthPartners.