Minneapolis VA Health Care Systems

The Minneapolis VA Continuity Clinic is an integrated primary care clinic in which you will be the primary care provider for approximately 75 patients. The resident physician is expected to fully take ownership of their patients care. During each clinic day, the clinic is staffed by 2 supervising physicians each half day to provide advice, insight, and recommendations regarding patient care while allowing the resident the autonomy to manage patients as fully as they feel capable. Additionally, the resident is a member of a multi-disciplinary PACT (patient aligned care team), which enable cohesive, fully-integrated care within the primary care setting. This allows the resident to obtain same-day consultative appointments with various members of the PACT team, which includes physical and occupational therapy, mental health, pharmacy, and a dietician. The resident clinic is also supported by 3 full-time RNs, LPNs and medical support assistants.

Aside from the strength of the care team and the supportive learning environment, the resident will be exposed to a great deal of clinical diversity. Although many veterans are older males, each resident in clinic has 25% females that they will also be the primary care provider for. The age of our patients is from 22-100. Patients in the VA system present from all walks of life, allowing the resident exposure to care across the spectrum of illness. Residents can expect to see a great deal of chronic medical problems (diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, liver disease, etc), as well as a large amount of diversity in the level of acuity of illness.