Internal Medicine Education Continuity Clinic


The Continuity Clinic experience is designed to teach residents the practice of ambulatory general internal medicine care in a longitudinal setting.

After changing our schedule to a "4+4" system, we have also made change to our clinic schedules. Each resident goes to a full day of clinic during the outpatient/consult block, whereas, the clinics are cancelled during the inpatient blocks. The feedback after the change has been overwhelmingly positive because of the improved continuity of patients and improved learning experience. The residents works closely with same preceptors over 3 years to learn the skills to manage patients in the outpatient setting.

We have several clinic sites for Continuity Clinic and assignments are made based resident preferences. Each clinic offers a unique learning experience and patient population.

Our Continuity Clinic Sites

Continuity Clinic Curriculum

We have also introduced a case-based Continuity Clinic Curriculum. At the start of each clinic session, your preceptor will review with you a case based teaching session designed around ambulatory medicine topics. The full curriculum and references are also available online.

Continuity Clinic Immersion

One four week block during your intern year will consist of an "immersion experience" at your continuity clinic. You will spend an entire month at the clinic site, seeing patients but also learning how the clinic operates, from scheduling appointments to following up test results to shadowing social work consults and nurse visits. This allows for an opportunity to build upon your panel of patients and feel more comfortable in the outpatient setting.