Research Projects


Uganda Research Hub

Uganda Research Hub

  • Adjunctive Sertraline for the Treatment of Cryptococcal Meningitis (ASTRO-CM)
    PI: David Boulware, Co-I: David Meya, Josh Rhein.
    This randomized clinical trial tests the anti-fungal activity of sertraline (a SSRI anti-depressant) for cryptococcal meningitis. 
    • Dr. Josh Rhein is a UMN assistant professor located on site in Kampala, Uganda
    • Dr. Meya's YouTube video on burden of cryptococcal disease

  • Operational Research for Cryptococcal Antigen Screening (ORCAS)
    PIs: David Meya, David Boulware, Co-I's: Radha Rajasingham, Kathy Hullsiek
    This randomized clinical trial tests improved therapy for asymptomatic cryptococcal antigenemia in order to reduce AIDS related mortality. YouTube video on point-of- care CRAG testing. 

  • Refugee Health Screening Program Evaluation and Disease Surveillance
    PI: Bill Stauffer; in collaboration with CDC and Int'l Organization for Migration (IOM) allows for program evaluation in Congolese refugee camps in Uganda. Other global locations exist. 

  • Uptake of and barriers to HPV vaccination among adolescent girls in rural Uganda
    PI: Nicole Basta; Co-I: Cecily Banura, Shalini Kulasingam; UMN AHC Seed Grant 
    This pilot project in collaboration with School of Public Health assesses vaccine uptake.

  • Emerging Pandemic Threats 2 Program, USAID Cooperative Agreement
    PI: Katey Pelican. This supports epidemiologic surveillance studies of emerging pandemic threats in Sub-Saharan Africa through a network of universities. Hub activities are in Uganda.

  • Optimizing iron status while minimizing morbidity for HIV-infected Ugandan children
    PI: Sarah Cusick; This study aims to determine optimal methods of iron therapy in children with iron deficiency and/or anemia of chronic disease. Award from Masonic Children's Foundation.

  • Assessing antiretroviral distribution in CNS reservoirs using IR-MALDEI mass spectrometry
    PI: Melanie Nicol; Co-I: David Meya, Josh Rhein, David Boulware. UMN AHC Seed Grant
    This project investigates HIV medication spatial distribution on a cellular level in brain tissue from autopsy specimens from ASTRO-CM clinical trial participants.

South Africa


  • Assessing impact of Emergency Medicine implementation in Arusha, Tanzania
  • Sensitivity of lung ultrasound in children with radiographic pneumonia.
    PI: Stephen Dunlop; Co-I, Nate Herr, Michael Rhodes. These are quality improvement initiatives aiming at improving care in a resource-limited setting. Dr. Dunlop's Grand Rounds Lecture.

  • Prevalence of Schistosoma haematobium among obstetric fistula patients and impact of infection on fistula characteristics and surgical outcomes 
    PI: Kristin Chrouser; Co-I: Peter Melchert


  • Sero-epidemiology of arboviruses and correlates of protection, Armed Forces Research Institute Medical Sciences (AFRIMS), Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.
    PI: Katie Anderson, MD PhD; Dr. Anderson conducts epidemiologic field studies of dengue and other arboviruses in Thailand via AFRIMS, spending 6 month/year on site in Bangkok. Zika transmission is a new field research project in 2016.


  • HIV NIH clinical trials networks in Nanning, China, 2UM1AI069530-08
    PI: Brooks Jackson; An HIV clinical trials site in Nanning, China allows Chinese-speaking U.S. medical opportunities for HIV research at center affiliated with NIH HIV clinical trials networks for HIV prevention (HPTN), preventing mother-to- child transmission (IMPAACT)

  • Study Implementation Protocol: Factors associated with longevity in Guangxi, China
    PI: Fang Yu PhD; Study investigates factors associated with longevity and functional independence among Chinese centenarians in Guangxi.

  • Novel Therapeutic Treatment of Hepatitis B Virus Infection
    PI: Louis Mansky

  • Differential miRNA profiles between HCC cases and controls, among individuals infected with HBV with BCP double mutations.
    PI: Guisheng Song

  • Secondhand smoke exposure and carcinogen uptake in elementary school children in Nanning, Guanxi.
    PI: Irina Stepanov

Latin America

  • Epidemiology and Outcomes of Hepatitis E in immunocompromised hosts in Argentina

  • Fatty Liver and Fibrosis during immune reconstitution of HIV-infected patients in Argentina
    PI: Jose Debes; Co-I’s: Domingo Balderramo, Viviana Re. This translational hepatology research is located at Hospital Rawson, Hospital Privado, and Instituto de Virologia, in Cordoba, Argentina. Support via: American College of Gastroenterology (ACG-CR- 033-2016) and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

  • Etiologies of Febrile illness in Rural Archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panamá.
    PI: Jonathan Kirsch in collaboration with Floating Doctors, NGO. This project seeks to define etiologies of febrile illness and to implement a diagnostic testing algorithm using point-of- care testing strategies. Project is supported through philanthropic gift via Univ of MN Foundation.