Division research interests include clinical epidemiology of pre-ESRD, prevention of chronic transplant rejection, the epidemiology of post-transplant complications, biomarkers of renal disease, long term studies of kidney donors and CKD after non-renal transplant

Faculty research interests are as follows:

Paul Drawz, MD, MS

  • Association between Chronic Kidney Disease, Ambulatory Blood Pressure, and Cardiovascular and Renal Outcomes
  • Epidemiology of Ambulatory Blood Pressure
  • Improving Quality of Care for Patients with Hypertension

Otto Sanchez, MD, PhD

  • Epidemiology of risk factors for the development of renal and cardiovascular disease
  • Clinical trial on the use of a synthetic natriuretic peptide for the treatment of peripheral arterial disease
  • Use of NT -proBNP as a biomarker for the detection of patients with salt sensitivity

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