Minnesota Multidisciplinary Vasculitis Program

Group Image of M2VP team
Front Row L to R: S. Thacker, S. Reule, M. Rheault, H. Boyer, C. Fanola, D. Pearson, H. Muster
Back Row L to R: P. Nachman, S. Rajala, L. Ghazi, M. Beard, P. Fazeli, K. Woerner, D. Mueller, M. Pritzker, P. Ardnt


To provide patients with systemic inflammatory disease or vasculitis with cutting-edge, individualized, comprehensive and integrated multidisciplinary care and access to clinical trials.

Covered diseases

  • Systemic vasculitis:
    • Small vessel vasculitis (ANCA-vasculitis, Anti-GBM disease, IgA Vasculitis)
    • Medium vessel vasculitis 
    • Large vessel vasculitis
  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus


  • Provide patients with complex systemic diseases with multidisciplinary care which is organized, streamlined and efficient.
  • Provide community physicians and providers with a portal for efficient peer-to-peer consultation or referral.
  • Provide patients with access to cutting-edge clinical trials.
  • Facilitate translational research.
  • Provide a venue for health care providers training in the care of patients with complex systemic diseases.

Multidisciplinary Team

Discipline Providers
Nephrology Patrick Nachman, Milind Junghare, Surabhi Thakar, Katti Woerner, Michelle Rheault (pediatrics)
Rheumatology Parastoo FazeliDaniel Mueller
Pulmonary Medicine Patrick Arndt, David Perlman, Hyun Kim
Cardiology Christina FanolaMark Pritzker
Dermatology Noah Goldfarb, David Pearson
Otolaryngology (ENT) Holly Boyer, George Goding Jr.