Interventional Pulmonology Program

The University of Minnesota has a combined Interventional Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery Minimally Invasive Programs that offer a wide spectrum of diagnostic, therapeutic and palliative procedures for various lung, airway and pleural diseases.

The program has a multidisciplinary approach to every single patient to deliver the most appropriate procedure and treatment without delaying care. This is a unique feature among similar programs in the country.
We also offer a multidisciplinary Lung Nodule Program that involves Lung Nodule Clinic, Lung Cancer Screening Program, Lung Tumor Board and weekly Lung Nodule Meeting attended by Thoracic Surgeons, Pulmonologists, Chest Radiologists and Interventional Radiologists.

In addition, we have the only Complex Airway Center in the region and are a leader in treating benign and malignant airway diseases. This center holds experts from Thoracic Surgery, Interventional Pulmonology, Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery.

The Interventional Pulmonary & Nodule Clinic at the Masonic Cancer Center sees about 600 new patients per year and 600 return visits. We also see 200 new patients per year at the IP and Nodule clinic in Maple Grove and Ridges Specialty Clinic in Burnsville.

The PACCS IP physicians perform 650 OR cases annually: ~300 complex airway, 250 EBUS, 40 intrabronchial valve placement and 50 navigational bronchoscopy.

In the Endoscopy Unit on the East Bank campus, PACCS pulmonologists perform approximately 700 bronchoscopies (500 outpatient and 200 in-patient) of which 400 are transbronchial biopsies cases with fluoroscopy.

Our Services

Bronchial Thermoplasty for Asthma

Our Team

Interventional Pulmonology

  • H. Erhan Dincer, MD (Director, Interventional Pulmonology & Bronchoscopy)
  • Abbie Begnaud, MD
  • Roy Cho, MD
  • Heidi Gibson, RRT

Thoracic Surgery

  • Rafael Andrade, MD (Chief, Section of Thoracic & Foregut Surgery)
  • Amit Bhargava, MD
  • Heather Lundberg, CNS, OCN
  • Madhuri Rao, MD
  • Gail Summerville, CNS

Medical Oncology

  • Robert Kratzke, MD
  • Naomi Fujioka, MD
  • Manish Patel, DO


  • Tadashi Allen, MD