Dimitri Drekonja, MD, MS

Academic Title

Associate Professor of Medicine

Administrative Contact

General Information
E: drek0002@umn.edu
P: (612) 467-4185
F: (612) 727-5995

Mailing Address
Minneapolis VA Health Care System
Infectious Diseases Section, 111F
One Veterans Drive
Minneapolis, MN 55417

Bio Statement

Dimitri Drekonja, MD, MS is an Associate Professor of Medicine and member of the Infectious Disease Section at the Minneapolis VA Health Care System (MVAHCS). Dr. Drekonja completed his internal medicine residency, chief resident year (MVAHCS), and infectious disease fellowship at the University of Minnesota. He is currently leading a VA-funded trial of treatment duration for men with urinary tract infections, and is co-chair of VA Cooperative Studies Program Study #2004, "Microbiota vs. Placebo After Antimicrobial Therapy for Recurrent Clostridium difficile at Home" (MATCH). Administrative duties include chairing the Minneapolis VA IRB "A" Committee and serving on the Infectious Diseases Society of America Public Health Committee.


Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Drekonja DM, Kuskowski MA, Anway R, Johnston BD, Johnson JR. The niche for Escherichia coli sequence type 131 among veterans: urinary tract abnormalities and long-term care facilities. Open Forum Inf Dis. 2016, in press.
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