Infectious Diseases Global Health Pathway

Global Health, Tropical and Travel Medicine Training: University of Minnesota Infectious Diseases Fellowship


With more than 1 billion international boundary crossings per year, and more than 13% of the population being born outside the United States, all infectious disease clinicians must have a basic understanding of clinical tropical and travel medicine.


All Fellows

  • Access to on-line course, “Tropical and Travel Medicine Course for Infectious Disease Specialists”, which will consist of more than 120 hours of training in tropical and travel medicine.
  • Two interactive sessions per year with faculty to cover clinical problem solving in clinical tropical and travel medicine. These sessions will require on-line preparation time by fellows who come prepared to address clinical cases presented b faculty.
  • Monthly tropical and travel medicine seminar are available.

Infectious Diseases Global Health Pathway


The Infectious Diseases Global Health Pathway is designed for UMN infectious disease fellows who desire a strong working knowledge of tropical and travel medicine. In addition to traditional tropical and travel medicine fellows will become facile in understanding and how human mobility effects infectious disease epidemiology, public health and impacts clinical infectious disease practice. This may include any of the following areas:

  • Developing a clinical or academic career in global health
  • Expanding understanding, diagnosis and treatment of neglected infections
  • Increasing competence of care for a multicultural society.
  • Improving infectious disease care among immigrants, refugees, and travelers
  • Building local, national, and international community collaborations.

Program Eligibility

The Pathway is open to any UMN infectious disease fellow (both Academic Research and Clinician-Scholar Track fellows):

  • To officially be considered a Global Health ID Fellow, the fellow will be expected to complete all components of the Pathway.
  • Application: All UMN Infectious Disease Fellows are eligible, please submit application to Jo Belvedere:

Program Components

  1. Complete the Global Health Course.
  2. Attend at least six of the Tropical and Travel Medicine Lecture Series presentations per year.
  3. Complete research or scholarly project related to Global Health (may be fellow research project).
  4. Expectations to participate in building the program: teaching opportunities such as teaching (e.g. in the Global Health Course, at the TTMS seminar—such as the Global Health Update or cases) special projects (e.g. assisting to build on-line curriculum).
  5. Have consistent contact with a mentor in Global Health (may be the same or different from primary mentor).
  6. Maintain good standing within the Fellowship.

At Completion

Any ID fellow who meets the requirements during their fellowship will receive a Certificate of Completion for the UMN Global Pathway in Infectious Diseases at the University of Minnesota. In addition, they will meet the requirements to sit for the ASTMH examination leading to Certification of Knowledge in Clinical Tropical Medicine and Travelers’ Health (requires taking the entire Global Health Course and two months of international experience). See The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene for more information.