Faculty by Research Domain

The Hematology Research Training Program at the University of Minnesota brings together top faculty researchers from five hematology-related domains.

  • Transplant Biology/Immunology
  • Vascular Biology
  • Stem Cell Biology/Gene Therapy
  • Thrombosis Hemostasis/Red Cells
  • Malignant Hematology Biology/Translational Science

Each faculty member is listed under his/her primary domain, however many of them hold appointments in multiple departments and make significant contributions to more than one area of research. 

Transplant Biology/Immunology

Transplant Biology/Immunology DiagramBruce Blazar, MD 
Marc Jenkins, PhD
Phil McGlave, MD 
Matt Mescher, PhD 
Jeffrey Miller, MD *also Malignant Hematology Biology/Translational Science 
Yoji Shimizu, PhD 
Michael Verneris, MD
Daniel Weisdorf, MD *also Malignant Hematology Biology/Translational Science 
John Wagner, MD

Vascular Biology

Vein with Blood PlatletsDan Garry, MD, PhD *also Stem Cell Biology/Gene Therapy 
Kalpna Gupta, PhD *also Thrombosis Hemostasis/Red Cells 
Robert Hebbel, MD *also Thrombosis Hemostasis/Red Cells 
Sundaram Ramakrishnan, PhD 
Arne Slungaard, MD 
Gregory Vercellotti, MD, FACP (Program Director) * also Thrombosis Hemostasis/Red Cells

Stem Cell Biology/Gene Therapy

Stem CellNobukai Kikyo, MD, PhD 
Michael Kyba, PhD 
David Largaespada, PhD *also Malignant Hematology Biology/Translational Science
Clifford Steer, MD

Thrombosis Hemostasis/Red Cells