T32 Research Training Program

In existence since 1977, the post-doctoral training program in diabetes, endocrinology, and metabolism at the University of Minnesota has prepared MDs and PhDs for successful research careers in academic medicine. This preparation has centered upon the critical interaction between the trainee and the research mentor.

All mentors in this program have national or international reputations in their respective areas and have strong track records in mentoring. Our faculty have expertise in cellular metabolism and genetics; endocrinology and signaling; neurobiology and appetite regulation of obesity; stem cell biology, autoimmunity, and β-cell biology; and clinical aspects of endocrine disease.

Trainees enter the program after they have either completed a residency program in internal medicine or received a PhD in a biological science at a major research University. Graduates of the program are established at Universities and research institutions worldwide.

Inquiries may be made via email to the Program Director, Dr. Betsy Seaquist (seaqu001@umn.edu).

Track Record of Success

During the almost 40 years the training program has been in existence supporting MDs and PhDs in academic medicine research, more than 100 trainees have entered and successfully completed the program.

Over the last decade, our program faculty has mentored more than 135 fellows with 20 supported by the T32 program. Eight of these 20 fellows remained in academic medicine and one now has a scientific career in industry. Four of them are now the Principal Investigator on their own NIH grants. Since 2010, T32 supported fellows have produced 11 original manuscripts; 7 of which they were first author.