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Clinical Excellence Award for Thenappan Thenappan, M.D.

Dr. Thenappan ThenappanThenappan Thenappan, M.D. is awarded one of four Department of Medicine Clinical Excellence Awards

Thenappan Thenappan, M.D. is one of four award winners of the Department of Medicine's "Clinical Excellence Award" for 2016. Thenappan was honored at the Fall Faculty Recognition Reception on Thursday, October 27 in the Campus Club. We congratulate Thenappan on this very prestigious award which marks him as one of the very best physicians in our very large and diverse Department of Medicine. 

American Heart Association publishes research by Dr. Demetris Yannopolous 

Demetri YannopoulosA recent paper by Demetris Yannopolous, M.D. was featured in the June 13, 2016 issue of the Journal of the American Heart Association.