The curriculum for general-cardiology fellows consists of a web-based series of modules (see below). The modules contain either the direct curriculum materials or references to the published literature. Faculty resources available to help you with questions for each module are listed in the table below.

We anticipate that fellows will finish one module per week while on catheterization rotations. After completing each module, please progress onto the web-based test. The test is accessible either through a link in the module or via the "Tests" links on this page. The results of each test will be recorded in your file and will be used for catheterization lab rotation evaluations.

These modules are just a start. After completing the modules, read on! Each module should have an advanced learning bibliography. Additionally, visit the Journal Club Archives and the Interventional Seminar Archives on this website. And don't count on the faculty as a sole source for your education: read the classic studies and current literature on your own. You will be surprised at what you find.


  1. Responsibilities in the Catheterization Laboratory (PDF) 
  2. Patient Prep & Vascular Access (PDF)
  3. Hemodynamic Principles (coming soon)
  4. Coronary Anatomy & Physiology (coming soon)
  5. Coronary Angiography (coming soon)
  6. Radiographic Imaging & Facilities (PDF)
  7. Radiation Safety During Fluoroscopy
  8. Contrast and Post Cath Complications (PDF)
  9. Congenital Heart Disease - Please see Kelly Schechter for Handout
  10. Pharmacology in the Cath Lab (coming soon)
  11. Circulatory Support (coming soon)