Vascular Clinical Research

Prior to the 1990’s, much less was known about vascular diseases; its prevalence and health impact was known to be adverse, however, vascular disease was less precisely defined than it is today. It was assumed that these medical issues were not as important as “heart disease”. Of course, we now know this belief to be wrong. Convincing data over the past three decades have brought to light robust evidence to better inform health professionals.

Sue Duval and Alan Hirsch in library
From Left to Right: Sue Duval and Alan T Hirsch

Over the past twenty-five years, areas within vascular medicine such as diagnostic approaches, the relative benefit to the patient, and cost-effectiveness of the comprehensive strategies of care have been studied in more depth. Much of this work has been completed in Minnesota.

And yet, compared to heart disease, vascular disease research remains stymied by a relative lack of vascular-specific research resources. This challenge has benefits to investigators as it focuses hypothesis generation on the highest value scientific questions and serves as an inspiration to the next generation of academic physician and nursing clinician-investigators.

While much has been accomplished, there is much yet to do.

-Alan T Hirsch, 2016