Clinical Program

Vascular Medicine, Quality Outcomes and Population Health

Clinical Program

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The clinical program attracts patients for both consultative care and to establish life-long primary vascular care for patients from across the Midwest and nation. The program’s clinical expertise encompasses essentially all of the diverse arterial, venous and lymphatic disorders.

Comprehensive Care for PAD
Special expertise exists for the comprehensive care for individuals with peripheral artery disease (PAD), spanning prevention, early detection, claudication treatment, and critical limb ischemia care.

Aortic Diseases Center
In close collaboration with faculty from vascular surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, and interventional radiology, the program has co-created the new Aortic Diseases Center to serve as a regional care magnet. 

Focus on Prevention
The core of every clinical visit is to focus on the prevention of future vascular disease, not just the alleviation of current symptoms. Venous and lymphatic diseases are comparably morbid and mortal, and the clinical program fosters prompt recognition of these illnesses linked to provision of effective lifelong risk reduction interventions. Rare inherited or acquired vascular disease diagnoses can be established and then linked to a lifelong treatment plan. As family and social support are key to good health, individual vascular health is always linked to efforts to sustain family health.

National Prominence
Care is now provided by one of the largest sections of vascular medicine in the nation, by skilled vascular medicine specialists who deliver care across the M Health system at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview Southdale, Fairview Ridges, and other health campuses.
Vascular Clinical Care