When others say it can’t be done,
we say “yes.” 

There is no other organization in the world that has had a greater impact in the battle against heart disease than the University of Minnesota. For more than six decades, we have been known throughout the world for our leadership and innovation in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. We have earned this reputation by demonstrating time and again that what others say is “impossible” can become a routine reality at the University of Minnesota. As a result of our bold leadership, millions of lives have been saved, entire industries have been launched and the face of medicine has been profoundly improved.

We stand proudly on the shoulders of giants like C. Walton Lillehei. As the discoverers in a new era of cardiovascular medicine, we are focused on solving huge and complex issues that require revolutionary approaches and endless creativity.

We believe detecting heart disease after it occurs isn’t good enough. At our Rasmussen Center for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, we can detect disease before any symptoms ever appear and we treat it so that it can be prevented altogether. There is no other resource like this in the U.S.

We are unlocking the heart’s ability to heal itself and tailoring our therapies to each patient’s individual genetic makeup. In partnership with the many outstanding medical device companies in our state, we are engineering new devices that will improve heart function. This kind of partnership is the very foundation of the University of Minnesota. It is how we research and discover, how we teach and learn, and how we reach out to our communities. We collaborate with our colleagues in public health, imaging, engineering and countless other fields to learn from one another’s work and accelerate discovery across disciplines.

And the results speak for themselves. Our faculty innovations have produced more than 90 patents in the past 15 years. These innovations have fueled a 390% increase in annual external grant funding and a total of $45 million over the past four years. This is a powerful testament to the quality of our work and our future potential.

When others say it can’t be done, we say “yes.”

We say “yes” to bold ideas; we say “yes” to creativity and innovation; we say “yes” to results.

That is what has always made us a leader and what will enable us to achieve the ultimate goal of curing heart disease altogether.

Our Goal: To be One of the Top 10 Cardiovascular Programs in the Country

Our Accomplishments

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A timeline of clinical and research firsts
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